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Mun has returned from hiatus! *confetti* I will let others know on my other blogs later but for now here is mun with different hair from the last time you saw her.



I don’t see much point being around with the way I feel so… I’ll be back I just don’t know when. 

I can’t seem to find muse for any blogs and the blog I have a muse for is so unknown it’s painful aha. 

Anyway, thanks for being kind guys but I am off for a while. 



I am going to be here -> eroica-the-thief <- a lot more in the next few days/weeks so if you are still interested in rping with me please feel free to follow. I have a very strong muse for this account at the minute and no muse for Armand and Kithane.

If you don’t want to rp with a character from a manga please direct people to the account that do, I’d really appreciate it guys. 

Love you all.

V x



✙ Eroica-the-thief ✙
✙ 10 years rp experience ✙
✙ Will rp with anyone ✙
✙ Does asks as well as paras and icon rp ✙
✙ Mun and muse are of age ✙
salems-little-sadist said: "Kai smiled as charmingly as he could, offering out his hand as he looked the other up and down. "Younger? Well dang, you're aging pretty well then, ain't ya? Name's Alakai Viscount; it's a pleasure to meet you.""

Bay took the hand offered to him and shook it lightly. He shifted slightly, before moving away, robes swaying easily as he did so. “Well, Kithane is 2000 years old, it is easier to be younger than him ahaha.” The green haired elf took a seat by the fire, his staff lay on the floor by his feet, he glanced at it before looking back to the man.

"Alakai, he has mentioned you once or twice… he didn’t say much though." 

Munday pic for you all to claw your eyes out at. Sorry. 
sugared-satyr said: ""Everything I have is right here.""



"That is all you have?  Alright I guess.  We can go get you some more clothes later.  How long were you planning on staying?"


"It’s ridiculous," Cris laughed, shaking his head in disgrace.  "I can mix chemicals to make the most potent explosives in the world and yet when it comes to baking a cake or even making a pot of noodles, I fail in the most spectacular methods possible."  He sighed heavily, able to laugh at himself now though that wasn’t always the case.

"I appreciate it.  I haven’t been targeted by terrorists in awhile— I’ve gotten better had hiding my tracks— but it is still nice to know I have a friend I can count on.  Working in the spy business makes it difficult to trust any of your coworkers."  Having an apothecary friend was definitely a plus but having a friend at all was wonderful.

"I’m sure with a little practise you will be just fine cooking. Maybe you could take classes or I can just teach you a few simple things? I don’t mind." Offering his help was the least he could do, even if Cris didn’t accept the offer was still there should he change his mind. 

"I would be the worst spy imaginable! Can you imagine me being tortured? I’d tell them anything they needed to know just so they’d be my friend!" The satyr laughed at himself as he said this shaking his head at the ridiculousness of it all.

"When you first told me you did spy work I didn’t believe you, but spies are real… but what spies have to do just seems to fictional but then I think, I’m a satyr, I am not meant to exist to some mortals…£

salems-little-sadist said: ""Ah yeah, thanks. I don't think he's ever mentioned any of his brothers specifically. What's your name, stranger?""

"He has many brothers and sisters if he mentioned them all he’d be here all day." The man replied with a smile. "My name is Bay, I’m one of his younger brothers… and you are?" 

salems-little-sadist said: "Kiiiiitthhaaaannneeee"

"This is Kithane’s brother, hello?"

"He will be but a moment, I promise!"

//Urgh I have such a huge muse for Dorian today but his blog gets no activity at all. 

Roleplaying problems yo.