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//I’ll be back soon to do threads and whatnot. Gotta run out and then play techie for my grandma. Hey guys if I post memes will you send me some or is that still not a thing? 

romanxanders said: ""Poppy?" he whispered in the dark, nudging the lump before him. "Poppy you're awake?""

The satyr whined sleepily as he turned over, what on earth was Roman doing waking him at this hour? 

"What is it?" The blond asks, his voice quiet and raspy from sleep, he sits up and tries to stifle a yawn, turning to the vampire he gives what he hopes is a questioning look. 

//not been online to rp because I’ve been really tired from work. I ache so bad I can barely walk or lift my arms aha.

Anyway just a heads up really

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//You didn’t send a number so I just picked 13 because, it’s like my favourite number:

13. Carnival/amusement park date (Well that turned out perfect ahah):

The carnival was in town for a week and 3 days had already passed by, El was kind of anxious to go, he loved stuff like that all the rides and candy and lights and noise. 

Big Kid. 

That was him all over, but sadly he’d been pretty busy at work, what with new stock coming in and Kithane wanting to renovate the place, but after much whining about it the satyr had given him and Jack the night off and El was hoping the sprite didn’t have anything to do so he could take him out. 

He was hanging his apron up when Jack appeared at the door. “Hey, you wanna go out tonight? The carnival is here and I really wanna take you… unless you’re busy then I’ll just go on my own…” Maybe adding the last pathetic comment on the end of his sentence didn’t help his cause but he wasn’t missing out if Jack had other plans, as much as he wanted to take him.

"It’d be a real date… you know, I don’t know if we’ve been on a real date before.. so wanna go?" 


"Just on the outskirts of town, the big field where they do everything. It’s pretty big, I heard. Man I just want candy apples and hot dogs.." The cat grinned, his mind always on food or sex, there was nothing else, well besides comics and stuff. 

"That sounds great." Jack smiled, content to go somewhere like this with El, even if El was the only one there who would be able to see him, besides a few odd kids. "You gonna win me a teddy bear or somethin’?"

"Pfft I’ll win you a fuck ton of teddy bears, man. What do you take me for? Some kind of a rookie?" The cat swished his tail to that is thumped against Jack’s back, it was a teasing gesture more than anything else. 

"You just tell me what you want and I will win it, like no problem."

sugared-satyr said: "Timidly enters the house "Is anyone home?""



"Alakai’s upstairs," a voice responds from somewhere on the other side of the couch, a mane of black hair and long-lashed eyes peeking over the back seconds later. 

"I think he’s cleaning.. or something," another voice pipes in, a matching head popping up next to the first. The twins had been chased out of their rooms as Alakai did… well, whatever it was he was doing. 

"You can go and check on him if you’d like."


Alakai frowned when he saw the look on the satyr’s face, his sensitive ears easily picking the words from the rest of the cacophony. Immediately, Kai disappears into one of the open doors to put an end to the music, returning seconds later and hopping over the pile of items. 

"Don’t be silly." One arm coiled around the little creature’s waist as soon as he was close enough, his free hand lifting Kithane’s chin to press a gentle kiss to his lips. "I missed you too, princess. Why don’t we head out on the back porch since all the rooms are a little.. upside down?” 

The music ceased it was blissful save for the ringing in his ears, he’d not ever heard music that loud, it made him uncomfortable to hear such sound, and he wondered if his sensitivity would put Alakai off him. 

When the man returned the satyr was pulled close, a soft kiss to his lips, the sweet words… his special name that only Alakai addressed him as. Did this mean he was to address him as master or sir still? Did he want that of him?

The blond only nodded at the suggestion, anything Kai wanted really… who was he to refuse him? 

Easy Does it// Black-Market-Drow (Closed RP)



"Ah, no." Mas’atar answered, "I have never been there."

"There are certain merchants who make their living by going to the surface and bringing back goods to sell here in the deep cities." He explained, "They brought the flowers…I bought other things from them as well."

He set his food down and looked up to his master, he was interested in hearing more about these merchants, they saw the surface? They saw the sun and the rain? 

What if they had seen his family, where there posters of him up around the streets? 

"What else did you buy?" He crawled over the bed and sat on the edge so he was closer to Mas’atar, he didn’t ache as much now but he wasn’t sure if he was strong enough to walk. 

Easy Does it// Black-Market-Drow (Closed RP)



Mas’atar watched how deperately the satyr took hold of the flower, and how the tears returned to is eyes. IT was a…Sad..? Yes, a sad sight. The plant seemed to have an effect on Kithane though, his mood shifted. It may not have been to a happier mood, but it wasn’t quite so frantic.

The drow stood, seeing Kithane finally giving his plate some attention, “You’re welcome.”

The satyr clutched the rose in one hand and picked up his food with the other, he nibbled at it, his stomach still felt sour and he wasn’t sure how much he could eat before he felt the need to throw up, hopefully his stomach would settle and it would allow him to gain his strength. 

"Did you go to the surface?" The blond asks quietly, his eyes still on his plate. 

wolfxlikexme said: ""So...""



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"I.. I didn’t even ask you your name." The satyr blushes turning on his side to look at the man in his bed, he was handsome.. gorgeous.. and he had just jumped into bed with him.

Wow.. he had just jumped right into bed with him.. 


"Umm, yeah…" Kaiden laughed, blushing a little. "Couldn’t find my underwear, so I figured this would work."

Catching the smell of bacon, a grin grew in his face and his mouth watered a little. “Mmm, smells good.”

"It’s fine, I don’t mind you wandering around in a sheet, my son doesn’t live with me so this is all well and good." He pushed the bacon and pancakes towards him. 

"Eat as much as you like." Kithane was quite happy to have a healthy young man around the house to feed, he liked those he could cook for, care for. 

"Do you want coffee?"