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I’m freaking out here. I can’t handle this right now I have to go. I’ll be on my personal. jfc I don’t need this. I am actually shaking. 


Flutter by my Butterfly// Zairemalak + Sugared-satyr [Closed]



"I’m so sorry for being this late!" he chimed as he found them both already sitting outside with their drinks, offering an apologetic smile as he took a seat beside them, his little one babbling away in his arms seemingly unfazed by the chill in the air or the fact he disappeared a little inside his tiny winter coat.

Zaire, however, only wished he could have managed more layers though the sun was shining and the day was bright and fresh. His duffle coat was buttoned completely, and his hands protected in the gloves he’d begrudgingly donned; now though he was most definitely pleased he had done. Cold was never his forte.

"I haven’t kept you waiting too long, have I?" he asked softly, hoping that he hadn’t been as late as he thought he’d been. From the look on Kithane’s face, it didn’t bother him whether Zaire was late or not. Poor Eldridge however, looked as though he would much rather be indoors nearest the radiators or the fireplace they lit once a year for the sake of a more ‘festive feeling’ about the place.

"This little one had other ideas when it came to getting out on time…"

Kithane waved away Zaire’s apologies and made grabby hands at the babbling child in Zaire’ arms. 

"Gimme." He ordered taking Amari from the angel and snuggling him peppering kisses over his little chubby cheeks while he babbled and giggled. 

El just sighed and leaned back in his seat, his tail was curled up inside his coat but it flicked angrily against his back while he watched Kithane lay affection on the small human that seemed to please him so. 

He wasn’t jealous. 

Instead he focussed his attention on Zaire.

"Want me to go inside and get you a drink? I don’t mind." In truth is was so he could stay inside a little, he hated being outside, but the satyr fucking loved it and everyone had to suffer, before he could say anything else Kithane chimed in.

"Shall we sit inside? It’s too cold for the baby to be out here for a long period of time and I think El is turning into an icicle."v 

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Hey you// whisper-inthetrees-andseas + Sugared-satyr. {Closed}



This is where wandering got dangerous. In places where snowstorms could whirl in at the drop of a hat. It wasn’t so much the cold that bothered him, Rahim had swam in arctic waters numerous times.
It was the snow blocking his vision that really bothered him, the wind kept it blowing directly into his eyes. That’s what it felt like, anyway. Rahim had almost ran into the wall of the place, barely seeing it in time. It was a shop, and when he tested the handle it was open.
He stumbled in with a soft curse, closing the door behind him and ruffling snow out of his hair.

"Weclome!" Kithane chirped at the snow covered stranger with a bright smile, he moved out from behind the counter and gestured to the stranger to sit by the roaring fire. 

El grabbed up the jars and moved away to continue on with his sorting in silence. 

"Terrible storm outside, isn’t there. Can I get you anything? Tea, perhaps?" Host at heart was this satyr and what with the snow covered stranger wandering in he felt an intense need to fuss. 

"I am the shop owner, by the way, Kithane, pleased to meet you!"

Munday questions!


Hey you// whisper-inthetrees-andseas + Sugared-satyr. {Closed}

Kithane hefted a box onto the counter top wiping his brow once his hands were free of the weight. 

"Whew- See El this is why I need your help so often, you have strong man arms and I have limp noodles." The satyr laughed at his own words while El sorted through empty jars on the shop floor by the open fire.

"Mmmhmm." The redhead cat replied only half listening. "Yeah.."

"You’re not even listening to me. Oh, it doesn’t matter, I’m going to get something to eat, do you want anything while I’m out?" As he said this the door to the apothecary opened and a customer stumbled in from out of the blizzard raging outside… when had it started snowing?!

Flutter by my Butterfly// Zairemalak + Sugared-satyr [Closed]

Kithane sat outside the cafe a mug of hot chocolate between his hands waiting for Zaire. He was bundled up in a long pale pink coat and fluffy white scarf that practically covered his whole lower face. 

The angel was running late, though the satyr figured this would have something to do with the infants Zaire would have been taking care of, so all was ok. 

Moving his scarf aside a little he sipped his hot chocolate, hopefully the air would remain chilly and the snow would hold while they met. It was a pleasant winter day. 

"Eeeeh why are we sitting outside?!" El flopped down into a seat next to the satyr with his own drink, he wore a black beanie and scarf to match along with an olive green parker. "You a glutton for punishment or something’?!" 

"It’s a lovely day, El… why not sit in the cold, let us appreciate out winter clothes." Kithane replied simply giving his adopted son a gentle smile which silenced the cat who mumbled something unintelligible under his breath. 

Lay your hat. Lay your heart// Kithane and Illan.



"A natural born charmer?" he echoed with a smile as he rummaged about his person to find the list the Satyr had asked for; he’d come with one, he knew that. He was sure to write it down lest he forget en route and waste the journey. However, he was sure that either outcome would not be a journey wasted after the Satyr’s little smile and genuine sweetness.

"If I charmed everyone whom I was lucky to cross paths with, I am sure that no soul would know if I favoured them. Would that not be the case?"

At last he found the list that he was looking for, crossing the shop floor to happily hand the shop-keep the list, neatly written in green ink though the corners were a little curled from being tucked away in haste.

"It must have taken you years to acquire so many rare and wonderful things. There must be some clever art to seeking them out… or did it begin as a collection almost?" He hoped he wasn’t distracting the other from his day with his questions, but he was curious; there were so many different jars, it was hard to keep track of what he had already looked at and what he hadn’t seen before. 

"That is a pessimistic view on your charm, are you usually so bad at taking compliments?" The satyrs asks with a cheeky grin, he takes the list the stranger offered him and glanced down at it. It was a list of marginally common herbs and the like so it took him only a few minutes to locate all the jars for him. 

"How much of each do you need?" The blond asks setting the jaws down on the counter, he pulled a huge pair of brass scales over to counter next to the jars. 

"Years to acquire all of these? Yes, I suppose but it didn’t feel like years, a year is gone in the blink of an eye for me…. I grow some of the rarer herbs in my greenhouse at home so I am not travelling here there and everywhere to find them. It keeps me close to home for El and the store."