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Give me a name and I’ll have my muse explain their relationship with said person.

Give me a name and I’ll have my muse explain their relationship with said person.

sugared-satyr said: "He let Roman lead his hand and he bushed deeper pink when he felt the man's arousal. "I didn't... look silly?""


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"Yes, yes I do… but not like before. I can’t work up the courage to be that way again. Perhaps if I had a bottle of wine first." The satyr replied with a weak laugh, he moved his hand from between Roman’s legs. 

"I love you." 



Kitty does not know what to do with the butterfly that landed on its paw.

sugared-satyr: This is totally Morrigan with Kithane right now. He’s freaking out and being tiny and offering her tea and she’s just like ‘…???’ ‘what do i do with this boy’ 

//omfg dying. He would just mime drinking actions thinking she didn’t know how to drink tea.

My Tumblr Crushes:idolprince-jisangchildren-of-the-voidsalems-little-sadistwyntrewulfehiccupinglassesmerciful-deathmercythevampireslayerthegoddessmorriganelohei-rivkaI don’t rp with some of these babies, I aim to change that soon. (I hope)

Drow Discipline ~ Closed RP with sugared-satyr



Mas’atar was about to answer Kithane’s question when he paused, stopping in mid step, “Kithane, you remember the way don’t you? To my workshop?”

He took out a key, to give to the satyr. The drow was sure Kithane had been around long enough to know his way around, ”You’ve reminded me that I have to be somewhere.”

At this moment, Szin’nolu decided he should step out and make his presence known, “Mas’atar," He began in the drow language, "I could make sure…It makes it there with your supplies.”

Szin’nolu, I didn’t know you were here.” Mas’atar raised one eyebrow, suspicious of his friend. He continued in english, “That’s not necessary. He can make it there fine.”

"I insist. You’re job is important…It would be unfortunate is something were to happen to the supplies." Szin’nolu countered, also in english, bright green eyes on the satyr, slit pupils constricted.

"Oh yes, of course. Shall I go ahead and wait for you there?" The satyr asks still smiling as he holds out his hand to take the key from his master, the sudden sound of the stranger’s voice surprised Kithane and he spun round quickly to view the stranger that had suddenly spoken. 

Their native language passed between them before Mas’atar spoke in English again and Kithane glanced round to his master with a nod. “I’ll be fine, I promise, Mas’atar.” The blond said earnestly, he so wanted the drow to trust him, after all he had no reason not to…

Kithane did not like this man, he didn’t seem to trust Kithane at all, but then again he’d never met him and if it made his master feel better he could get this man to accompany him.. 

jackthefrostysprite said: ""That's what I'm countin' on." Jack grinned, chuckling. "Maybe he'll make mine blue.""

"Probably.. he’ll make mine red or somethin’. You shouldn’t encourage him."


sugared-satyr replied to your post “DRAFTS DRAFTS AND MORE DRAFTS I’m getting to the oldest first now, so…”

The crazy blond art thief is me btw.

I kinda thought so >:D ohhhhhhh this one is gonna be amusing ehehehehe

//He doesn’t mean any harm. He just loves art and he only has eyes for his Iron Major aka Klaus. (who I have yet to find on tumblr as an rper woe is me and all that) :P